Free Download: Santiago Joe RPG

A free pay-what-you-want, diceless, fast paced Role Playing Game named Santiago Joe where you are the movie STARS and the WRITER-DIRECTOR of the many Adventure B-Movies of Oblivion. Movies that never were, but that you would have loved to see.

Enjoy them during college, your coffee break, when you can't sleep on the phone, while you're on the bus, or just when there's nothing on TV.

July 2009 I had another go at the 24-hour role playing game challenge. I decided to put a little more work in, and here it is full fledged: a play-anywhere adventure roleplaying game!

No dice needed, just devious or wacky creativity. It's yours to play with under a creative commons license (Attribution-Non-commercial-Share-Alike). Enjoy!

Update: the link to the game has been dead for a while. It is now available pay what you want on RPG Now.


Pick #1: Free RPGs Galore!

Time left and nothing to do? Yearning for a new gaming experience with your friends? Can't sleep? Want some numbers to crunch and things to read? If you ever wondered how many free role playing games exist, do take a look at John Kim's extensive list of freely available paper and pen role playing games. John has kept a keen eye on games on the net for many years, and the list runs in the 100s. Alternatively, you might browse through Robert Lang's effort to rework and extend John Kim's list, making sure there are working links only. Of course not all games are equal, but there are quite a few gems out there. If you try a new game from the list every weekend, you and your group will be busy for the next six years...


News #1: DD2 Review on Free RPG Blog

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Rob Lang on the free rpg blog somehow discovered Dark Dungeon on the googoogle-twisted highways of the internet, and gave it a very sweet and positive review Makes me kind of shy. But it also helps to rediscover my own old enthusiasm again. It seems positive feedback is unnervingly essential to carry on, even if you think you know what you're doing.

Thanx Rob!