Samaris for Sale!

Ever wished for a Fantasy City Guide you can leave on your table while playing? Ever wished you could page through the book and just TELL your Game Master you want to GO there? Join in imagination, and meet exciting people, visit mysterious places, investigate strange rumours, and fight monstrous creatures with bad tempers?

Then Samaris may be the book for you. It's a guide for Players AND Game Masters, to use together during play. With innovative new game mechanics players can influence the story by calling on their contacts; and game masters can truly engage the heroes, by using their personal rivals, patrons and hangouts.

Samaris is also a companion book to The World Beyond, the elegant and lean role playing system: Samaris features sixteen new hero templates, dozens of new skills, new magick, gunpowder weapons, and many new treasures and creatures.

And even if your favorite game system is not The World Beyond (why not?), it's easy to adapt and use in any fantasy role playing game. You can find some pointers on that in the extensive Game Master section, where you'll also find loads of adventure seeds and a full adventure module.

Over a hundred locations; over a hundred contacts for your heroes to meet, befriend, and hate; hundreds of rumours. 320+ pages, full of illustrations, full of inspiration. The Samaris PDF is out, so is the Lulu print, and the Lightningsource hardcover is available in full color now will soon follow!

Update: Samaris is now updated for the World Beyond RPG (formerly Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed) - and available in full color hardcover and pdf. Visit here for the Samaris Game Companion for the World Beyond.