Some Sample Art: Catacombs

Experimenting for a cover for the Catacombs sourcebook... which will describe the undercity of Samaris, for both players and Game Masters.

Now I wonder, where did that Vampyre go?


Random RPG Thoughts #13: Away From Keyboard...

Just noticed that I haven't posted for a month! That's rather long, especially as past month my blog was "RPG BLOG OF THE MONTH" on Stuffer Shack!

Now that's a strange thing to occur... All right I was busy, doing lots of real life stuff, and waiting for proofreaders who are hopefully vigilantly on a vacation somewhere, and so was I, for part of these weeks. And even Grognardia is slow last month. It's summer!

But, I guess it's also one of these periods that occurs just before or after a storm. A period of contemplation. A period of gestation. A period of something new that need to grow.

So hopefully I'll find some new innovations, new ways of thinking, or new ways of playing after thus period of being AFK - away from keyboard. And that's what I wonder about now. Do you (whomever you are, reading this) also have a need for such silent periods at times? A period to recharge, and change your game into something new?

I know I had periods of more than a few years, in which gaming went on a real low fire. Sometimes I really thought that I'd never game again - and was sorry for that at the same time. But eventually play always  re-emerged with a vengeange, and in a a new form.

How about you? Are such silences good? Are they there? Do we need them? What do they mean - these times of recuperation?