What's on with James of Grognardia!

Lately, I was growing a bit worried - For anybody else wondering what's going on behind the silence on normally ever-present blog Grognardia, and whether James  is all right, or if you're wondering what's happening with Dwimmermount, I suggest you read this post by Victor Raymond. It seems that James himself may be well enough, but his father is not - and that this now takes up his energy and time. Let's wish him well - and indeed, tell our own parents how we love (or at least appreciate) them too, as long as we have the chance.


Pick #89: BlueHolme

In case you haven't noticed it yet - someone did a Open Gaming License rewrite of the Blue Holmes Basic D&D set. That someone is Michael Thomas of Dreamscape Design. It's called Blueholme (wonder why?) Maybe it's not needed - but hey, it looks good.

It is sprinkled with old illustrations (by Ford and Lambdin), from fairy tales - a bit a la Rackham.  Strangely enough this aids a bit in recreating the feel of the original Holmes edition. It's free - on DriveThru. Michael Thomas plans to have a full fledged expert set for sale later. Now... the only thing missing is some ole players from 1982 and a print-on-demand version :-) Have a look and see what you think.


Pick #88: Castle For Sale

No, this is not about a plot hook for a comic horror game, although it could be. In fact, why not write one? No, it's about actual castles being for sale, today, right now.

Hunting for some real castle maps, I stumbled on this one. Then I found this site specialising in rather expensive real estate for aspiring nobles. A Dutch site it seems... my fellow countrymen seem to enjoy strange hobbies. This one sells for 25 million gp - eh, euros.

A regular castle may be a bit hard on the average role player's budget, but that's probably precisely why there's quite a few luxurious estates for sale out there. Fancy one? If you do the cleaning, you're welcome to stay in the one I'd buy if I had the money. Which I don't. Ah well.

Gaze and be astounded. And call me if you buy one and want me over. I won't clean ;-)

And enjoy this new year, whatever it may bring!