Old Free Download: Dark Dungeon Character Sheets

Update: Dark Dungeon's new edition is named
The World Beyond.

Most players in our group just scribble their character stats on a piece of paper. Or they have a special booklet for each hero they play. Or they constantly lose their character sheets. Or they spill hot coffee on them (to age the sheet artificially I suppose). Or... they have complete filing systems in their briefcases, weighing a ton each.

You don't need to do any of these things. You can just download and print these character sheets. Male or female. Fill them out. And have them with you always.

Update: these files have been offline for a while. You can now download free The World Beyond hero sheets from RPGNow.


  1. Thanks webmeister!
    Now how about a digital version I can type in? And ideally one that automatically calculates the variables for me?

  2. @JLC: Frodo has indeed been working on such a thing. Why not ask him about it ;-)

  3. Do u still have the file available becuz i believe the dl link is not working as intended , would be epic if u did have them :)
    Gerry lampo