News #12: Swordplay

While indexing some Spanish language sites, I stumbled on this fencing video. You might want to have a look too, it's impressive, stylish, and neat.  And if you regularly think Ork, then this gives a whole different idea of what western style swordfighting could look like.

Thanks to Luiz Miguez of Feldkirch, a Spanish Fudge RPG.


  1. Very neat. One of the things that struck me while watching was that the 'killing blow' that stopped at after most exchanges would have been totally blocked by armor.

  2. Yeah, that's a good observation. Though I figure some of the maneuvers could slip under a helmet - nasty...

  3. It struck me that were an actual combat to be filmed, the flow of actions would be a lot different, and that the video would be a lot shorter.

    What we saw was, in a sense, a dance, a formal series of coreographed moves. Actual combat would give us different moves, just as formal—for the participants would have some training (one hopes), but much faster and with deadlier intent.

    BTW, I am an American, which is to say monolingual. Any possibility of getting a version with an English translation?

  4. @Mythusmage: Indeed a real combat with the same moves would be a lot shorter, and probably faster - once the moves were made.

    The german in the video is old german - and also a bit hard to read for me as a (non-native) speaker of the german language. I'll have a look if there's a translation somewhere, I'd like to understand it better too :-)