Pick #37: Maelstrom RPG Resurrected

A few days ago I had a look at the Maelstrom RPG, written by Alexander Scott ages ago, in the 1980-ies. He wrote it as a teenager, did unexpectedly well, and the game had absolutely no follow up. For twenty-four years.

But now, from the future of the Maelstrom, comes the Maelstrom Companion. It's not written by Scott, but it is okayed by Puffin. And I understand it's not bad at all. So maybe, after all this time, twenty-four years, the game Maelstrom will finally get its deserved public.

Or at least some. The Maelstrom Companion, and a few other supplements for the game are written by Graham Bottley of Arion Games. And the promise is there will be more. Including some free downloads to wet the appetite. Nice detail is that the companion indeed tries to fill the gap of the lacking historic background, and it provides some ideas for your campaign.

Want to know more? RPGPundit from Urugay reviewed the Companion in 2009 as it appeared.

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