OSR Experiments #2: Converting Sister Rebecca

Yesterday I changed Morgan from Moldvay into Dark Dungeon stats. Now it's time for Sister Rebecca, the Lawful cleric, a true goody two shoes. Rebecca is also second level, so she also gets 50+5 points and just one skill at level 6. All other skills cannot exceed 5.

Oh yeah. If you really want to understand what I'm doing you should download the free Dark Dungeon Rules and have a look. Or you can figure out by telepathy. Whichever you prefer ;-)

Sister Rebecca, female priest, 55 pts (again 50+5 for second level)

Rebecca is a priestess, obviously, and since she heals Morgan in the combat example in Moldvay, a sister of the Order of Greyfriars would make most sense. These have Saint Gabriel as their patron Saint, and their most prayed for miracle is that of healing of wounds. But first let's do Rebecca's abilities first.

Strength 0
Dexterity 1
Constitution 1
Intelligence 3, required to learn Latin, which is required for a Priest
Willpower 4, as it is a near equivalent of wisdom, this is Rebecca's best stat
Appearance 3, I always saw her as convincing and charming

That's 12 times 2, or 24 skill points. Leaves 31 for the rest.

Special Skills:

Faith, Saint Raphael 6, this would be her forte skill, at a masterful level
Crosstian Ceremony 4,
Latin 3, required
Read & Write 3, required

The Dark Dungeon main religion "Crosstianism" does resemble Christianity in many respects, but it's a fantasy version of Roman Catholicism. Saints can be prayed to more or less directly, to ask for divine favor. There are no "spells" like in D&D.

Faith in Saint Raphael (page 17) allows Rebecca to pray for healing and protection against bodily and spiritual harm in many ways. Including long breath under water, healing diseases an raise the dead. Dark Dungeon Rebecca may indeed have a few more options than D&D Rebecca. She even has a theoretical 10% chance to recover a party member from the dead (She would have to roll an 18+ with d10 + skill 6, but a natural 10 also would suffice).

But Saint Raphael also requires that Rebecca keeps her faith. She may not kill or severely hurt anyone, which may put her at odds with the rest of the party. On the other hand she will receive even more supernatural aid if she rescues someone from certain death, while staking her own life. It does resemble the Lawful alignment in D&D. But if the other heroes kill and loot as in the average D&D game, Rebecca can hardly stand by and do nothing. She might have to be more strict than just say that Morgan cannot torture or kill captured goblins – as in the example in Basic D&D.

Crosstian Ceremony is closer to the rituals of the church. Ceremony will allow Rebecca to bless her party members, turn undead, and bless water to make it holy water. She can also make circles of protection against unnatural evil. So basically the Dark Dungeon ceremony skill nicely gives the typical clerical abilities of D&D. I'm actually surprised myself.

Meanwhile, the special skills took up another 16 points. Leaving 15 for weapon proficiencies and other skills. I'll pick a few from the list.


Brawling 3, this seems less lethal to me than most combat skills, befitting Rebecca's pacifism
Mace 2, high enough to threaten with and stop a fight

Other Skills:

Preaching 3
Poison Lore 2, always handy for the upcoming poison needle incident with Black Dougal
Swimming 2
First Aid 3

There, now equip Rebecca, and we're set!

Mace (weapon class 2)
Leather helmet (armour class 1 on head)
Grey Robes & Clothes,
Crucifix & Bible,
Bandages & Healing Herbs for First Aid,
Candles & Tinder Box
Backpack, Food & Wine Flask
And some odd coins amounting to 30 silvers worth (the mace cost 10 of her original 50, the helmet another 10).

Rebecca should avoid combat, not just for moral reasons, but also because she has little armour. And for a dungeon exploration the team should probably buy some torches, a lantern and some rope. Other than that she is set. And for D&D this would be more than enough.

But in Dark Dungeon, I'd like to give Rebecca just a little more depth. Let's say she's very young, only 17, but unusually strong in faith. She already noticed when she was four, when she saved her mother from death with a prayer to Raphael. Her faith was noticed by the matron of a local cloister, who took her in and taught her how to become even stronger. For some time she worked in a hospital in Hardby, where she met Morgan. Now she has left the convent to find her younger sister of twelve, who was kidnapped by the goblins.

There, two party members redesigned. I feel Dark Dungeon approach makes the characters a bit more three-dimensional. But we'll have to see later on what holds. To be continued!

The borrowed classic, excellent drawing is actually cleric Aleena, by Elmore.

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