Pick #41: Freaks & Geeks

If you haven't read Fantasy Freaks & Gaming Geeks by Ethan Gilsdorf, do yourself a favour and either borrow or buy a copy. You may not like the title, and you may not agree with all Ethan observes. But I think he does try to observe with integrity, and a love of the hobby. It's much milder than the title suggests. Ethan starts out describing the death of his mother while he was young and explains how important fantasy gaming was to him at that age, also as an escape. Then he describes how as a grown up, who has grown out of gaming, goes on a quest to find what he lost from that time.

What some may not like, or at least some friends said so, is that Ethan does not really want to be a geek or freak anymore. He wants to be grown up. Yes, he's over fourty. You might see it as a kind of treason to the hobby. But I don't think so. I recognize his feelings. I think many of us do. Just like many of us appreciate the secret brotherhood that can exist in a gaming group. And Ethan also appreciates that too, and quests for it.

Have a look. And wonder why Ethan looks so sad in his photo.

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