Pick #38: "Excalibur (World)"

"Excalibur [World]: A small world located in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Excalibur has a cool climate with a very thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere tainted with volcanic gas and ash."

This is the Traveller Wiki, for the Traveller role playing game. It is one of a number of role playing universe wikis, chock full of data. Chock full of imaginary data. If you want to look something up, there's over 1000 pictures and over 7000 entries. You might actually use it as a starting point or a gimmick ship's library in your Traveller style Sci Fi games. If you use this universe, naturally.

I keep being surprised by the sheer bulk of imagined worlds and datastreams out there. To think I was just looking if there was an Excalibur RPG. In fact there is, several, and the best I know is Pendragon, but that's different. I'll review that in the coming days.

Let's see what else it says:

"Excalibur is resonantly locked with its primary, Artur, orbiting at a distance of 0.30 AU and rotating three times every two orbits. Many of its native life forms have evolved into "striders" that spend their entire life cycle following the sun. Excalibur has three small moons. While two are typical, the third, Bedwyr, seems to be a captured body, which entered orbit over Excalibur approximately 4,000-5,000 years ago."

Hm. Okay. Intriguing. Well, guess all you Traveller hardcore players knew this already!

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