The World Beyond hardcovers published!

Yes, just before the new year, both The World Beyond Basic Game and Samaris Game Companion are now available in full color print and pdf from DriveThruRPG. And at the same time you'll find three 48page full color softcovers with additional material:

- Shadow of the Haunted Keep (a classic adventure),
- Unpleasant Encounters (25 adventure capsules), and
- Eighteen Heroes (full page illustrated prefab heroes for your games, with a full adventure and a Southport map).

If you're still doubting, you can get a full color 48 page sampler - enough to build a hero with and taste the system - for a ridiculously low price. You can also get it in full color print for a bit more.

The forerunner of the World Beyond was Dark Dungeon 2nd edition. All older books have been updated with dozens and dozens of full color illustrations, layout and rules were revised, and for the basic game three short adventures were added.  Even if you are a lucky owner of the older DD2 ruleset, you may love the new expanded full color versions and rules tweaks.

Moreover, you'll find three Sangreal Games card games for print on demand on DriveThru too! And that's including the classic WysaertZ card game and its expansion Destrucktion Decke, fast, funny, silly, ande very addictive. Yes. Really.