More Sample Art: Samaris City Book

And here's another two page spreads. The Samaris Source book is written for Dark Dungeon, but could be used for any fantasy RPG, as long as you're willing to fill in details (on the fly, preferably :)). It contains sixteen new templates for characters, new disciplines, new skills, new saints, new creatures, many locations and one hundred contacts to use as friends, patrons and rivals for your heroes.
Actually it's sort of an Expert Set and Setting Book in one.

Now soon, I'll need proofreaders for the final phase. Will keep you posted.


Some Sample Art: Samaris City Book

Yes, I'm still alive. And indeed I'm in the lay out phase of the completely renewed, immensely expanded Samaris City Book. (What on earth made me start on this? It's very much work!) It's a supplement for both players and Game Masters, to be used at your gaming table, both while playing and preparing. Here's some art.