(Almost) Free Download: Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed.

Update: Dark Dungeon 2nd was the forerunner of The World Beyond.
You can no longer download the DD2 set of rules, but you can buy a sampler of The World Beyond for a ridiculously low price on DriveThru or RPGNow. It's even better in print form. The sampler will allow you to make a basic hero, and will allow you to have a taste of the system.

You can also find the full rulebooks on DriveThru. Try, read and enjoy!

The game this site was launched for.
Fantasy Role Playing Beyond Your Imagination.
From the Dark Netherlands, since 1989, common calendar.

Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed. is one of the most elegant, fast, and yet "realistic" sets of rules you'll find. And it's here, in lite form, free for download.

Featured in the 25 page booklet are:
- how to play
- character creation with eleven sample professions
- innovative spell weaving with ten sample disciplines
- faith and miracles with three sample saints
- advice on game mastering
- a sample adventure

Try, read, and enjoy.


  1. Hoi Jaap, leuk dat je dit weer online zet op dit blog :-) Ik heb ooit een intro bij je gespeeld op het Spellenspektakel (toen nog in Eindhoven) en ik vond het geweldig!
    Is er eigenlijk ooit nog een boek uitgekomen, of een Print-on-Demand of zoiets? Ik heb een paar spellen geleid met vrienden, maar we waren altijd op zoek naar meer achtergrondverhaal en meer opties qua regels.


  2. Hoi Manuel, leuk om van je te horen!

    Good to hear from you. As of now there is no hardcover or hardcopy booklet in stores yet. But you can download what is here. Have you looked at the Samaris supplement too? Currently I'm looking into how to publish through DriveThruRPG and Lulu, for more materials.

    And, within a few weeks I'll start posting a new background series on the Secret of Ammersfurt. You can download these for free.

    And just for me, which Eindhoven session did you play in, and what did you play?

    Hartelijke groeten, Jaap

  3. I have looked at Samaris: it's fun, but relatively short :-) I liked the hints in the main rules, like a short bit about Altdorf and the Cathedral there being an anachronism. It all suggested a large world, and I would still like to see that.

    I'll keep an eye on your blog then!

    As for the session, I can't remember the exact year but I'm guessing it was roughly ten years ago. Big session, multiple tables with intersecting storylines.

    I played a mercenary named Aram in a group with a princess, a noble knight, a gruff dwarf and a sorcerer of some kind with a flintlock pistol, and we were up against a man named Ben.

    Does that help at all?

  4. @Manuel: I think by now I do remember the game we were playing (two parties trying to bring items to opposing wizards). But I still have a hard time figuring who you were! It will come, maybe :-)

    Had a look at the Secret of Ammersfurt already?

  5. No worries, I'm impressed you even remember the story :-)

    And I did, it's awesome! However, at the moment I'm running an Exalted story... super-high magic kung fu gods with ridiculously large swords don't mix with more low-magic European stories ^^

    Also, I like it too much to just steal hooks and insert them into Exalted... so I guess I'll wait until this campaign is over and try to get some people together!

    If you get a full-size PDF online or a POD book available, I'll even run it with Dark Dungeon rules! Otherwise, I'm afraid it might be the Mirrors book for World of Darkness instead because my players know those rules pretty well ;-)

    1. Hi Manuel! You probably noticed, but the Dark Dungeon books are now available in hardcover! They're revamped as "The World Beyond", and you can find them at DriveThru: http://www.rpgnow.com/browse/pub/4340/Sangreal-Games?term=sangreal&test_epoch=0

  6. These are nice, concise, elegant, & interesting. I appreciate the effort that went into these rules! Thanks man!