News #3: Return of the Red Box... or?

I cannot believe my eyes. First, this is the third game shop in Utrecht along the same canal. And game shops are pretty thin in the Netherlands. Second, between all the gothic materials and styrofoam swords a red box stands out. It's the D&D starter set. With the late 1980's cover. And it's new, now, in 2010.

Can it be? Can it be actual old D&D? It says Wizards of the Coast. It says copyright 2010. But is this 4th edition, or is it a remake of the Menzer edition my best friend had? That would be cool... and strange.

The guy next to me isn't sure either. But like me he recognizes the cover. He thinks it's 4th though. His girl asks me if this was the first set I ever owned. I say no, that was at least one edition before. In 1981. She falls silent. I think I shocked her. That may have been before she was born.

So, what is it? It's a simplified version of 4th edition - released about a month ago. It has the same artwork as the 80-ies version on the cover, but it's all new inside. So if you're looking for the old one - you'll have to go to ebay instead. But if you actually like 4th edition, or if you want to entice new potential 8-year olds into the game, this may be worth a look, or even a buy.

Or have a look at the Chatty GM's review first. He threw his son and wife before the goblins to make sure.

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