Pick #5: Ancient Books on PDF

In my recent RuneQuest review I had some qualms about a lack of usable background. Background which was not in the boxed game that I had. Background I thought I might never lay hands on. Because it was lost forever in second hand bookshops in Cheshire and suburb garages in Arizona.

Not so. Many games and supplements are now re-released through the internet. In Portable Document Format.

And indeed, a huge RuneQuest first edition background source pack is recently re-released, and for sale for $60. US dollars that is, less than 50 euros at the moment (unless I missed a crash).
You can find the pack here on RPGNow, an online seller of role playing products.

And if RuneQuest is not your cup of tea, you might find a lot of other stuff you like here. They have quite an impressive collection indeed. Just don't overdraw your credit card... too much.

Now let's see if I can collect some sponsor money from these guys.

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