Movies for Gamers: Read First

Starting this week, I'll do a "review" series about movies and TV series that are somehow connected to role playing - I hope I'll do at least ten. Usually these films are just inspirational. Sometimes they're about role playing. Always I liked them.

Films can be a great source for stories, characters, plot twists, settings and ideas. The only thing to do is steal them creatively. Following a story slavishly because it was so great usually presents the players with a lot of frustration. Or your GM, if you insist on playing Batman - just as in the movies.

And if you're running a fantasy campaign, don't be afraid to mix in ideas from science fiction or gangster films. Just make sure you do them over to make them fit the scene. But I didn't have to tell you that, did I?

Featured soon will be Dorkness Rising, and The Brothers Grimm, from which above pictures come

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