Pick #3: My First Computer

The machine was hardly fit for role playing games, only slightly fit for classic text adventures, and not fit for word processing. It wasn't ready for the internet, and as I bought it only few had dreamed of something like the world wide web. Its keys were rubbery, like dead meat. But I loved my ZX Spectrum, back in the eighties. And I also loved its many arcade style games.

If you miss them too, or want to know what on Earth I'm talking about... have a look at Retrospec. Its coders and artists rewrote a good number of Speccy games for PC. Including Atic Atac, the arcade dungeon crawler of Ultimate Play the Game. Or the even more frantic Dr. Who like Halls of the Things. Or search for a emulator or game at world of spectrum, and find most any game rom you're looking for.

Sixteen colors, hardly any pixels, and a host of old joys!

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