Pick #4: Dark DungeonS

If you wonder where our name Dark Dungeon originates... If you wonder if it has anything to do with this "Dark Dungeons" publication by mr. Chick... You may be right.

Chick's followers hid these booklets (and there are many other booklets) in games to warn of the dangers of role playing. According to the comic you may start believing in the occult, do black magick, invite demons and commit suicide if you play these games. Only radical conversion to Christianity and burning your core rules could save your soul. One of our players got hold of one of the booklets, and we were amazed.

Actually, we thought it was kind of comical at the time. So we named our game after the little booklet. We just dropped the "s". Our first edition was lavished with an upside down pentacle and mystical runes on our rule book cover. If you deciphered the runes to understand what it meant... they spelled "You don't know".

But we didn't take the book burning thing, nor the occult implications of mr. Chick very seriously. If you want to slip into darkness, you can do so without role playing fine. Unfortunately you can even find darkness in religion. And if you want to see the light, you can also see that in playing a role playing game. It's a matter of perspective.

I prefer the positive perspective.

Update: The newest edition of the Dark Dungeon role playing game is now called The World Beyond.  Jack Chick, writer of the booklets that have nothing to do with our game has recently passed away at the venerable age of 92. May he rest in peace.

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