Eighteen Heroes and an Adventure

My new supplement for The World Beyond is now available in print. The sleek booklet is full color, with 18 ready made heroes which you can play out of the box. Each hero has their own sheet, front and back. I loved doing the artwork on each of the characters, trying to give each of them something special. Hope you will enjoy them too.

After counting pages I figured I had a few pages left, so I added a short adventure. It features a murder mystery on Samaris with a rather... Lovecraftian twist. I playtested the adventure a few times at the Dutch Role Playing Guild, and we had a lot a fun - even with quite large parties.

Each of the heroes is featured with their own three special contacts in the city of Samaris, so they are instantly usable in the Samaris setting. If you don't have the Samaris hardcover (yet), you can use the short descriptions and the extra map I've also included, instead.

Update: You can now order the 48p full color print from DriveThru or RPG Now!