A request: Proofreader & reviewer wanted

Samaris, the Dark Dungeon "Expert Set" and city adventures book is nigh finished.
The only thing missing for launch is a good proofread and review by native English speakers.
If you can help me out, you'll receive at the very least a free PDF of both books, honorable
mention, and my eternal gratitude. My target release time is the very end of June.

Samaris is chock-full, also with illustrations on every other page, for 322 pages. Samaris introduces some new ways of structuring your adventures, and gives the players new possibilities and new depth with Friends, Patrons and Rivals. Also, you'll find 17 new templates, new monsters, skills, magick, maps and stuff. It's both for players AND storyteller-game masters.

Let me know, when you want to help - many thanks!