Pick #20: Indiana in Atlantis

Actually I don't have the time to play old games all the time. Not even adventure games. I have a family. I have work. But from time to time I also have nostalgia.

One game I loved during my roleplaying heyday in the 90-ies was this one. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. It runs like a true Indiana Jones movie, with humour, twists, mystic science, and Nazis. The engine is simple, with lots of point and click. Puzzles, not arcade. I wonder why the story has never found its way into any of our regular pen and paper games. It's sure good enough!

Recently the game has been rereleased by Steam - the guys that also run your Left4Dead games. Last time I checked they asked about 4 euros for it. Worth it. Although you could have a peek if it's still here too. Yes, it will probably run on a webbook. Enjoy!


  1. It was initially rumoured that Fate of Atlantis would be used as inspiration for Indy IV. If only, the world would have been safe from Crystal Skull drudgery.
    In any case, very fond memories of this game, and indeed the whole of the Lucasfilm Games catalog. In one of my Steam spending sprees (I just stopped logging into Steam during promotions now. It was getting silly) I got the Monkey Islands in a flash of nostalgia. Wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone else doing this though, they have been lovingly re-imagined but it's not 1990 anymore, you can never go back :-)

  2. Ah yes, Monkey Island... I remember it well. Especially the Monkey to be used as a (Monkey) Wrench. Virtually impossible to figure out as a non-native speaker like myself. But great fun.
    In the 1990s.
    Perhaps less suited as role play inspiration though, except as a silly Reggae version of Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe... ;-)

  3. In the 1990s I still looked at computers as something to be installed on the USS Discovery on its way to Jupiter. I.e. not something to tinker with, as some of my braver (and IT pioneery) friends did.
    So I missed out on these old-skool games. I got two things to say though:
    1) Every few years I have tinkered with the idea of running a "Caribbean Pirates" RPG, but always put it aside because most players in my circle aren't very swashhy or bucklery. I still feel that if it were GM'd properly, such a game would rock :-)

    2) Don't do Steam. It's bloatware, plays havoc with your video card and generally is a never-progressed-much-past-the-1990s piece of programming.
    So there ;-)