RPG News #6: Superstar closes in 7 days

Not sure if you're a Pathfinder fan, or an old style gamer with a wish to be published by Paizo. But maybe you'd like to see your name printed as the author of a brand new fantasy module. And possibly start your run of fame from there onward as a game designer or writer of game modules. You could, by entering the running RPG Superstar 2011 competition.

Since I bought something from the Paizo site, they keep on sending me updates, and I  guess they did at least something right for not ending up on my spam list. So have a look if you dare. Your first round challenge: design a wondrous item in 300 words or less, and send in your idea before the new year. Your entry will become sole property of Paizo of course. I wonder, would that mean they'd sue you if you publish your own idea elsewhere? Here for example? Would be weird.

Well, you have plenty ideas, don't you? One to pay for potential fame is a small price.

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