Pick #22: Dark Dungeons... differently

The Dark Dungeon(s) name seems to be a favorite for games. Not just for SM sites. Unbelievable, but here's another one. And it's a paper and pen role playing game! Now, I do wonder if all these people using the Dark Dungeon(s) label are aware of us?

This is not just a new game. It's a retro-clone. Dark Dungeons emulates the original Dungeons & Dragons rules, completely rewritten for copyright reasons. It's not the only in it's kind, but this one looks fairly good. Over 300 pages in three columns, under the WotC open gaming license. There is quite some (now public domain) artwork from Gustave Dore. All the more confusing, because our own blog header is also a small strip of Dore art.

And such a following! The forum is already full of posts, and it's only from his year. It must be the game name. Then again, they used the same evangelic booklet as inspiration (see pick #4). The writers even named one of the example characters Black Leaf, played by Marcy - just as in the Chick tract. Oooh. Otherwise the game looks pretty harmless.

Have a look. Even if only out of curiosity.

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