Pick #23: Princess Bride RPG?

Liked the movie? Haven't got the book? Still not up to playing such a complex player character as Fezzik the Giant? Nobody to role play with because everyone's having Christmas with family? Everyone except you?

You might be wishing for a role playing game suited to play something with the feel of the Princess Bride. But there is no official game I could find. Others also wondered, and they suggested games like Wushu or Swashbuckler. Either would do, but actually most fast games would do, if you allow for good fencing and wittyness. One forum visitor stated that there in fact was a special Princess Bride game in the making, but the Morgenstern Estate stopped it.

Maybe I'll have a go at writing one too.

But I guess if you're reading this you are on your own, all alone, right?
So there's no time for face to face rpg anyway, is there?

No worries. You can play the game – a truly syndicated Princess Bride game. Okay, it's just a video game. It's not all that special, I guess. Probably wouldn't buy it. Guess. But it has a charm, and you can play some of it online. Check it out. You might even find it addictive.

Or go get a life. Merry Christmas!

Now, let's try and get Westley and Buttercup across the swamp one more time... ah, darn.

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  1. Everyone knows that the only *real* way to spend a gamer Christmas is to break out a Moderns-setting scenario based roughly on Die Hard 1. Or part 2 in a pinch :-)

    Now I have a machine gun...Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Merry Christmas all!