Movies for Gamers ##: Inspiration for Role Playing Games

Why on earth review movies on a role playing blog? Because they're inspiration. Because they're a trove of ideas, not just for stories, characters, monsters, items, and locations. But often a trove of ideas for story telling techniques too.

Recently the first reaction to my application for the RPG Bloggers came in. Unfortunately (at that time rightfully) the reviewer attended me that he could not understand from the feeds that this is in fact a paper and pen role playing blog. Should you wonder too – let's say it again. Movies are a great inspiration source. Don't be afraid to plunder them for ideas, for feel, for soundtracks to play during your game – or planning for your game.

Afraid that players will recognize where you got your ideas from? Don't worry. Mix and match ideas from different movies, combine as you see fit. As long as you don't expect players to act out a whole movie in detail and follow its plot slavishly – you're fine. Better even, the players might be flattered to play alongside movie greats, or at least proud that they recognized where you got some ideas from.

Movies are a fine way to get your imagination started. And some are very good at it. That's why I bring these movies up here – in a paper & pen role playing blog.

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