OSR Experiments #33: Savage Dead-Owl

Inspired by Tim Snider, who proofread my DD2 Starter Set (see last post), and published his own neat compendium last September, here's another monster conversion, styled into DD2:

Decaying Dead-Owl

Once the attack on Vaal went awry, it became apparent that none of the parties would come out alive. The weapons used had infected every living being, drenching them in the Jubre disease. This included the hunter owls employed by the Witch Masters, which went down in the first wave. Their masters had thought them dead, but when the long night came, their rotting corpses still moved. Master Nemesis was the first to be assailed by them, their putrid beaks spewing foul venom, and their infected claws scratching his armour and face. Nemesis was blinded only, but his two henchmen died then and there, only to return as flesh eating horrors from their graves two days later.

Decaying Owls are very rare, and will only be found near Doomstone and Jubre-infected areas.

DD2: beak & claw 6, attack class 2, flight 6, night vision 6, undead, zombifying disease
(avoid infection of wounds caused by the owls with 9+ on CON, or 6+ if well cleaned,
or else disease will rot an L wound daily until death ensues or cured by magick or prayer,
victims must roll 6+ on WIL after death to avoid becoming a zombie)


Two Hardcover Sizes!

The Lulu hardcovers of the Dark Dungeon 2nd edition Starter Set also look excellent - in both incarnations! One is almost the same size as the original Player's Handbook once was - and the other one is a chique 6x9 pocket sized book with dust jacket.

Hardcovers are 25 euros each, with 10% off until Halloween ;-)

How it looks inside:

Here you can see how the paper of the small hardcover is creme colored:

One is casewrapped, the other has a dustjacket:



Pick #84: WTF?!, that's no WOW!

For those of you who play World of Warcraft, or know people who play WOW, or those of you who do not want to confess to either of these but know... well, what the truth is, there's this: WTF?!

WTF?! is not necessarily what you'd think it would spell out to be. It's basically what WOW might have been if it had been coded in Flash, in two dimensions. That's what it is: a spoof of WOW. And it's rather well done. Your first quest, as Stretch-eared Elf Lady Phallicity (I don't even want to think about what that means), is to kill eight poor piglets. It goes downhill from there. Or actually it doesn't. Best of all, it's free, if you don't consider time spent which you could have spent elsewhere, which cannot be said for WOW.

Have a try here.


Dark Dungeon Lulu Prints Look Good

Still waiting for the Lightningsource prints, but the LuLu prints look excellent to me!

This is the A4 softcover, which you can order here. It's only $19.99 in this version (that's about 15 euros).

Also I've taken off 10% from the Hardcover price until Halloween.
For early buyers :-)

Here's how it looks inside:


Product Release: Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed Starter Set

Finally, it's there! We passed the proofreaders!

The fully illustrated Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition Starter set.

Available as pdf through DriveThru, and in print through LuLu.

Soon, print will also be available through DriveThru.

What it is? Well...

Fantasy Role Playing Beyond Your Imagination.
Old School and Storytelling combined.
Realistic, Heroic, yet Elegant and Fast.

The original Dark Dungeon game was first played in the Netherlands, from 1989 onwards, as a "tabletop game".  It was playtested and used in thousands of adventures, in several cooperative game worlds, with hundreds of players.

Dark Dungeon 2nd edition is one of the most elegant, fast, and yet "realistic" sets of rules you'll find. And it's finally here, as an expanded, updated, fully illustrated starter set.

Featured in this 134 page book are:

- a glossary of role playing terms for the uninitiated
(if you want to explain to your sister, or your boyfriend)
- how to play
- extended character creation with eleven starter professions
- innovative spell weaving with ten sample disciplines, build your own spells!
- faith and miracles with four sample saints
- extended advice on game mastering and making your own adventures

- fantastic creatures, magickal treasures, countries of origin
- a sample adventure

- an "appendix N"
- dozens of illustrations

Buy, play, and enjoy.