OSR Experiments #33: Savage Dead-Owl

Inspired by Tim Snider, who proofread my DD2 Starter Set (see last post), and published his own neat compendium last September, here's another monster conversion, styled into DD2:

Decaying Dead-Owl

Once the attack on Vaal went awry, it became apparent that none of the parties would come out alive. The weapons used had infected every living being, drenching them in the Jubre disease. This included the hunter owls employed by the Witch Masters, which went down in the first wave. Their masters had thought them dead, but when the long night came, their rotting corpses still moved. Master Nemesis was the first to be assailed by them, their putrid beaks spewing foul venom, and their infected claws scratching his armour and face. Nemesis was blinded only, but his two henchmen died then and there, only to return as flesh eating horrors from their graves two days later.

Decaying Owls are very rare, and will only be found near Doomstone and Jubre-infected areas.

DD2: beak & claw 6, attack class 2, flight 6, night vision 6, undead, zombifying disease
(avoid infection of wounds caused by the owls with 9+ on CON, or 6+ if well cleaned,
or else disease will rot an L wound daily until death ensues or cured by magick or prayer,
victims must roll 6+ on WIL after death to avoid becoming a zombie)