Product Release: Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed Starter Set

Finally, it's there! We passed the proofreaders!

The fully illustrated Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition Starter set.

Available as pdf through DriveThru, and in print through LuLu.

Soon, print will also be available through DriveThru.

What it is? Well...

Fantasy Role Playing Beyond Your Imagination.
Old School and Storytelling combined.
Realistic, Heroic, yet Elegant and Fast.

The original Dark Dungeon game was first played in the Netherlands, from 1989 onwards, as a "tabletop game".  It was playtested and used in thousands of adventures, in several cooperative game worlds, with hundreds of players.

Dark Dungeon 2nd edition is one of the most elegant, fast, and yet "realistic" sets of rules you'll find. And it's finally here, as an expanded, updated, fully illustrated starter set.

Featured in this 134 page book are:

- a glossary of role playing terms for the uninitiated
(if you want to explain to your sister, or your boyfriend)
- how to play
- extended character creation with eleven starter professions
- innovative spell weaving with ten sample disciplines, build your own spells!
- faith and miracles with four sample saints
- extended advice on game mastering and making your own adventures

- fantastic creatures, magickal treasures, countries of origin
- a sample adventure

- an "appendix N"
- dozens of illustrations

Buy, play, and enjoy.


  1. Congrats on the new edition! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  2. Thanks again Tim! Hope you like the results!

  3. And of course, I ordered two copies ;-)