Sneak Preview: WysaertZ

For those who also enjoy (my) card games, WysaertZ is the return of a golden oldie once in extremely limited supply. The game predated a certain trading card game which swooped the market in the nineties - with a similar idea. You can imagine how shocked I was when their company bought TSR!

Except that my game is not a trading card game, and it plays much faster, with much more humour.

Soon Now on DriveThruCards  - WysaertZ print-on-demand! 

80 cards of magick mayhem, rules included, playing time 10-20mins, 1-6 players, age 9 and up.

Also available now:  the 80 card Ultimaete Destrucktion Decke expansion!

So, and now for some posts on regular roleplaying...

Samaris Hardcover on DriveThru!

Update: You can now buy The World Beyond's Samaris Game Companion in full color print (also inside) from DriveThru. It's a full city setting for more narrative role playing, with over a hundred contacts, as many locations, creatures, adventure ideas and artifacts. It was written for The World Beyond RPG, but you could use it with minimal tweaking in any favorite fantasy game system, be it O5R or something else.

The black and white version (older Dark Dungeon rules) is no longer available. That is, unless you want one of the few remaining ones I have left. Leave a message if you're interested. The Samaris color print and pdf is right here.

Have a look at the positive reviews of the first (B&W) edition of Samaris here. The new version is even better.

Here is a picture of that first edition's b&w print. I had some issues with the printer at first, with big black spots appearing instead of transparency. I was so proud when I finally got it right :-)

Ringworld Zombie Cards

Update: Ringworld Zombie is a fast Zombie card game where you try to escape from the zombies in a derelict space prison. I first did it as a 24 hour game design challenge, and now made it into a professional game with all new artwork.

Here's some of the Ringworld Zombie cards... which you can find on DriveThru as print-on-demand, fine quality playing cards. My daughters love the game - except that they're kind of scared that the next zombie card may eat their hero - so we have to take over their heroes while they watch us getting eaten...

Believe it or not, yes, it is also a role playing game - also fit for zombie hunters with short attention spans.