Sneak Preview: WysaertZ

For those who also enjoy (my) card games, WysaertZ is the return of a golden oldie once in extremely limited supply. The game predated a certain trading card game which swooped the market in the nineties - with a similar idea. You can imagine how shocked I was when their company bought TSR!

Except that my game is not a trading card game, and it plays much faster, with much more humour.

Soon Now on DriveThruCards  - WysaertZ print-on-demand! 

80 cards of magick mayhem, rules included, playing time 10-20mins, 1-6 players, age 9 and up.

Also available now:  the 80 card Ultimaete Destrucktion Decke expansion!

So, and now for some posts on regular roleplaying...

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