Pick #21: Grognardia

One of the most proliferous bloggers on role playing is James Maliszewski on Grognardia. He got infected with the role playing virus in 1979 - two years before me - so he's the senior one here. This Canadian's blog is huge... and good in fact.

I suspect James either secretly is a writing machine, a team, a wizard, or... he has no other life (nah). He started Grognardia in 2008, and since produced well over 1500 posts. Several daily. He even apologizes if "there aren't many posts today". But then I guess, he has over 600 followers to keep happy, so that's quite a family.

Why? I guess because James is a long time insider of the hobby. He has written for quite a few games too, and knows many people of at least the second hour. Grognardia shares a lot of his knowledge and nostalgia. You can browse and get lost on the blog for days. It's wonderful if you want to just muse or let your thoughts wander about the hobby. Have a look.

I just wish he'd use a tag cloud to sort the subjects.

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