News #2: RIP grandfather of BSG and Traveller

Just learned that Edwin Charles Tubb (1919-2010) died last week. You may not realize - I didn't - but his science fiction published through the 50-80ies has had a profound influence. He wrote the Dumarest saga, 33 parts, about space Traveller Dumarest who tries to find a legendary planet Earth.

Sounds familiar? Then one of his great antagonists in the series, the cyberlike Cyclan - who have a plan - might also sound like... Yes. Cylons like in the later Battlestar Galactica. The writers must have been inspired. And Traveller with two L's like in the role playing game? Yes. There are many more concepts in the Traveller role playing game borrowed or translated from Dumarest.

Once I find the time I should have a look at the novels. They inspired my currently favorite science fiction series, and favorite sci fi RPG. Inspirational writing indeed.

Thank you Edwin.

PS Hieronimus, Schwartzburg, Lito - care to write a review of Dumarest here? You as SciFi buffs surely read his books...

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