Pick #7: Dark Dungeon II, but... different

Now if you thought there was just one and only Dark Dungeon 2, you might be surprised. This very site is run by Dutchmen. Creators of the Pen & Paper game since 1989. The current rules version dating from 2005. Our gaming group had hundreds of players in its heyday, in the 1990's.

But here is another Dark Dungeon II. It's French. Entirely. And if you like Manga, as in Final Fantasy, you may like this too. If you speak French, of course.

Dark Dungeon II is a full fledged, free access, graphic, open source Massive Multiple Online RPG. You can explore the world of Ilbana for days on end, collect jetons (coins) until you drop into torpor, and chat your ears off. In French.

According to the site, new registrees can enter from September 27th 2010. If you speak French.

I wonder if they realize our Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed. exists, too.

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  1. ...And the French legal beagles are saying to each other: "Fetchez la vache!"