OSR Experiments #4: Dark Dungeon salutes Black Dougal

I'm almost done rebuilding the D&D example characters in my own Dark Dungeon system. Just one is left: Black Dougal the thief. I'll pick the rogue template and fill him out for 55 points. Fifty for the base, and five extra for second level.

Black Dougal, male rogue

Str 3, Dex 4, Con 2, Int 3, Wil 0, App 0 (24 points)

My guess is that Dougal is not the most charismatic thief around, and instead relies on force and stealth.

Stealth and Sneaking 4, Intrusion and Picking Locks 6, Picking Pockets 3, Rock Climbing 3,
Acrobatics 3 (Dex & Str are both at 3 so that's ok), Search 3, Swimming 3 (25 points in toto)

Dougal will have to defend himself too, so:

Throw dagger 4, Club 2

But Dougal should stay out of range of the enemy.

Dougals equipment will be simple yet effective.

Leather boots and jacket (armour class 1 all over except on the head),
Sturdy black clothes, cloak,
Pouch with food and flask of fine wine,
Six throwing daggers (weapon class 1), Heavy walking stick (club, weapon class 1),
Rope, Lock Picks
Fifty silvers in assorted coin

I just figured Dougal sounds like a circus name. Let's say Black Dougal was his stage name in the circus for an acrobatics act, including dropping down from the ceiling like in Mission Impossible. However, Dougals lack of natural charisma (Appearance 0) did not help in making his act a succes. Instead he could earn more on the side as a burglar and a scout. That's where he met Morgan the mercenary. And that's how he ended up in jail. However, Morgan and Dougal became friends, and he got out of jail for lack of proof. Dougal joins the group not just for the treasure to be gained, but also to rescue Morgan's brother Paul, who was kidnapped by the goblins.

Anything else I'd like to add as a Game Master? Yes. Let's say Dougal is one of the last of the Rodemus family. The family that once owned the Haunted Keep that stands away from the borderlands. The family which unbeknowst to our heroes has turned into were-rats because of a horrible curse. Dougal knows he belongs to the Rodemuses, even if it is the black sheep end of the family.

Say, wouldn't it be cool if Dougal would “die” of the poison needle, and then come back somehow? Turning out to have an uncanny constitution? And then, when the full moon comes, he starts to transform into... a hairy rat!

D&D Basic returns to DD with a twist. Next issue I'll look at the Haunted Keep itself.

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