Pick #39: Dave's 3D tabletop models

If you like geomorphs, and if you like miniatures, you also might like dioramas. And you might like filling whole basements, attics, sheds and living rooms with models. I don't. Not anymore. Because there's enough other stuff in these already.

But when I first saw Dave's 3D models, I was tempted for a moment. David Graffam makes models in InDesign (a DTP package for all I knew), and sells them as PDFs which you can then print on your PC to cut, paste and build them into nifty houses, ruins, boats, dropships and other stuff. You dig?

In layman's terms, Dave makes beautiful paper buildings. You can buy them as a computer file, print them and paste them on cardstock, and then build them too. They are often multilayered, so you can choose the exact of a model for yourself. That is, you can choose things like what color the bricks are, and what words are on the boards.

The cardboard building kits are very useful in games, as they are the right size for most lead figurines used in "the hobby". So you can do whole battlefield setups. Or you can totally fill up your basement.
If you have time, paper and ink for spare.

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