Free Adventures: Ammersfurt #8

The Secret of Ammersfurt is a free role playing supplement for the Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed game. Every week for thirty-five weeks, you'll get new bits for the Ammersfurt adventure setting, like monsters, NPC's, locations, skills, character templates, role play tips, and so on. And also every week, you'll get an adventure seed, which you can turn into a weekly adventure.

Adventure Seed 8: The Pirate at Ammerbrugge

Our heroes are invited by the Schout (Sherrif) of Ammersfurt, who lives in Ammersbrugge, way downstream on the Ammer. The older Schout is somewhat annoyed that his castle is to become the new summer residence of the Bishop of Utrecht, who is his liege. And he has another problem too. A group of pirates keeps stealing from ships, small farms and barns in the neighbourhood. Worse, he suspects that the pirates want to steal the treasures of the house. Such as the special runic chest and runic table silver. He wants the help of the heroes to catch the pirates.

Download the eight part of The Secret of Ammersfurt here!

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