Pick #89: BlueHolme

In case you haven't noticed it yet - someone did a Open Gaming License rewrite of the Blue Holmes Basic D&D set. That someone is Michael Thomas of Dreamscape Design. It's called Blueholme (wonder why?) Maybe it's not needed - but hey, it looks good.

It is sprinkled with old illustrations (by Ford and Lambdin), from fairy tales - a bit a la Rackham.  Strangely enough this aids a bit in recreating the feel of the original Holmes edition. It's free - on DriveThru. Michael Thomas plans to have a full fledged expert set for sale later. Now... the only thing missing is some ole players from 1982 and a print-on-demand version :-) Have a look and see what you think.


  1. Thanks for the plug! PoD will come in due course - I want to make sure all errata is caught before someone parts with their hard-earned cp for a Lulu copy. Need, schmeed - this stuff is too much fun not to do!

    Henry J. Ford seemed the perfect fit for this, which made it tricky finding the right artist to produce original art for the Compleat Rules. But I think the search is over ... ;)

  2. Oh, and here's an introductory adventure: http://dreamscapedesign.net/2013/01/20/a-blueholme-adventure-the-maze-of-nuromen/