Change the Name of the Game?

 The full color print proofs of the new rulebooks are in, and look cool! Apart from the color illustrations on nearly every page, there's one other big difference with the black and white edition... the name of the game. It used to be "Dark Dungeon 2nd edition".

Now I'm rooting for Angels & Dragons. Why? Because there are at least three other games with nearly the same name, and at least one this game is quite often confused with. The other games are nice in their own right, but this one is very different and deserves it's own attention. Hence a new name: Angels & Dragons.

But I'd like to ask you too, before I release the revised full color version on DriveThru.
What do you think? Is Angels & Dragons a good new brand name? Let me know!

And for all of you who bought the earlier edition, yes, you'll get a free pdf update in full color. Of course!


  1. I don't think the new name works that well. At least for me. Angels don't really pair with dragons that well. It sounds like a source book for D&D.

    How about Dungeons Deep? It's a phrase from the 'Over Misty Mountains' song/poem in The Hobbit. In the 80s there was a book titled Through Dungeons Deep about RPGing which was reissued recently, that was the title I always wanted to use if I did something like this.

    Also, while book titles cannot be copyrighted, the '& Dragons' is so closely tied to Dungeons & Dragons that it might actually become a legal (trademark) issue for you, not covered by the OGL. I'm not sure on that, you'd have to consult a lawyer.

    1. Dear Stu, thanks for your suggestion. Dungeons Deep does sound good - as a rpg title. Unfortunately, Dungeons Deep and some variations already exist as rpg's or related games. So, it's probably not going to solve the problem of being confused... A&D (or DD) is not under the OGL. It's a frpg, but quite different from D&D.

  2. (First try didn't seem to take)
    Honestly, I'm not a fan.
    The problem with Angels and Dragons is, is that it sounds very close to the Dan Brown novel (which wasn't much more than a extended scavenger hunt) and the general feel is... off. DD is not a world where angels are that readily available, around or part of the world so the title strange. Also, Angels and Dragons are not opposites in this world so you don't really create a contrast of extremes.
    The name "Dark Dungeon", while you do not always play in those, does give a feel of foreboding and dread that is much more palatable than the ethereal angels or dragons.
    Coupled with the change in abbreviation which is as minimal as DD was, and maybe even worse, because there is now an "&" in A&D getting closer to AD&D. Lastly DD has already been out there for quite a while, people are familiar with it.

    Dark Horizon
    Exalted Adventures
    Dark Rook

    1. Dear Cris, thanks for your thoughts. I like your alternative Dark Horizon - though that might be better even for a SciFi Game, as it reminds of the horizon of a black hole. About the familiarity of the name DD, that's for a limited group, mostly in the Netherlands I think. Though I may be mistaken. Yes, DD is a good name - but it's also very close to Dark Dungeons, which not only is a Chick tract, but also a retro clone better known in OSR circles.