Classic RPG Reviews: Read First

Classic Reviews is a series of reviews, not just for the games in the store, but for the games you do not find in the store. Many of the games here have been out of print for some time, may be virtually impossible to buy second hand, or may never have been sold at all – or not for profit anyway. But most of them are on my bookshelf. That's what happens when you play for thirty odd years.

So, then why on earth review them?Well, I believe our hobby has evolved a lot in the thirty-plus years it exists, and not all of this evolution is visible in the current commercial trends. To the contrary. Looking at the older games may be quite insightful. It may be that things did not (only) become better. Or maybe they did. You decide.

For sure it's a treasure of old ideas for the taking.  And if you are in luck, you might even find the games somewhere, someday for yourself. At least it's a nostalgic trip! Enjoy!

Jaap de Goede 2010

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