Pick #70: PlayElf

Ever sat bored at the screen and typed in "PlayElf" in the search engine? I just did.

And I see I'm not the only one to have thought up this silly joke - on "PlayBoy" or "PlayGirl". There's at least three separate sites displaying playelves. (Warning: Nudity may scare some people, so look at your own risk).

The most artistic by far is Play Elf Gallery by Håkan Ackegård, with ElfQuest-like humorous drawings. The picture displayed is also his.

Another is Spanish, with typical nude picture covers of women with longer ears - its best joke being that it's not to be sold to those under age of 100. Too hot to handle for younger elves obviously. The art of this german issue may be better (scroll down). Or take this one on DeviantArt.

If you'd prefer to watch nude men, there's also the cover art work of Sabreyn on DeviantArt, with some tongue in cheek texts.

And if you can speak Swedish, you might even try this "male chauvinist role playing game"...

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