OSR Experiments #30: It's a Product Release! Revel in the new Shadow of the Haunted Keep

Finally! After many hours of hard work here it is at RPGNow, the Shadow of the Haunted Keep is for sale at $1.99. Forty-eight pages of adventure for Dark Dungeon or OSR.

Have you ever wondered what a classic style adventure of 1981 would look like if it were written today? Written for a system that's a bit more story-oriented? That's what I tried to answer in this adventure kit.

An adventure kit I inadvertently started designing over half a year ago, when I tried to convert D&D system adventure into Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed, and vice versa.

Inside you'll find:

- a full fledged three-barreled adventure
- maps, encounter tables, scene tables, monster descriptions, NPCs, magick items
- seven ready to go heroes
- encounters and map for the town Holmeston


And now to the illustrated starter set of Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition...


  1. I saw this today during my morning browse of RPGNow's new products and bought it straight away. I'm looking forward to reading it cover to cover. I must admit Jaap that the Holmes tribute was the deal-clincher for me. :-)

  2. @David @ Tim & all other buyers: Thank you for your support! Hope you'll like the kit :-)