Pick #73: The Hobbit starts to sound... like a horror movie

No, that's not necessarily bad. Really.
It's just that I began to wonder, seeing this trailer, whether it should be scary journey. I do remember the scary episodes, with the trolls, the Mirkwood spiders, Gollum, the goblins, well - maybe the whole book. But Tolkien's Hobbit stands in my mind as a children's story. One you can safely read before bedtime. Almost safely. And this trailer... is darker than what I felt the Hobbit was like.

It's, almost as if it's the Hobbit if it were written AFTER Lord of the Rings. Is Jackson trying to do that? Intriguing idea. Might actually make it more worthwhile. Like their interpretation of Boromir's actions in the Fellowship movie. That made more sense than the book did for me.

You didn't think I meant that I beleive the Hobbit will be a bad movie, did you? Horror being bad, I mean? Hardly possible with such a cast, Peter Jackson, good story to begin with... except maybe that I'm not quite sure you should cut it in half and make two movies out of it. Which is what's being done, I understand. But we'll see. If the Maya Calendar doesn't get there first.


  1. You could be right. However, it could also simply be a stylistic choice for whoever put together the trailer. Hit Youtube and you can find countless Disney movie trailers that, with a slight change to narration, music, etc., quickly become trailers for seemingly-terrifying horror movies or thrillers. Similarly, there are horror movie trailers that can easily be recast as fun family flicks.

    As much as I like the Dwarven singing (and I may be the only person on the face of the earth that DOES right now) it does darken the tone of the trailer, as does all of the "will I come back?" and threats of danger the trailer contains. Perhaps they didn't feel a "fun, family"-oriented trailer would bring in the fans of the LOTR movies that knew nothing about the Hobbit itself.

    We shall see, I suppose.

  2. My friend met someone who's working on the props for The Hobbit and they got a peak into what's being filmed. Apparently it's not as actiony as LOTR. So I think you don't need to worry about it being to amped up to try and outdo LOTR.