Pick #75: Role playing takes another twist with Fiasco!

Before, I lamented that there is no real role playing game to play with "regular" folks. You know, people who consider themselves normal? People who wouldn't dare to associate themselves with niche, nerdy or geeky games? Or perhaps people who would love to, but are scared away by the sheer complexity of many of these games?

Well, maybe a game which goes a long way to attracting a more "regular" crowd might be Fiasco.

Fiasco is game-master-less, story driven role playing for three to five players, designed to play in a few hours. Each game should play out like a new movie by the Coen Brothers, such as A Simple Plan, brother Where Art Thou, or Fargo. A story, in other words, where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong - but in a comedy-dramatic kind of way. I guess you could easily do a Sopranos style game too, if you want.

Fiasco was written by Jason Morningstar (and Steve Segedy), has won several awards, was translated in Italian and Portugese, and has loads of free scenarios and aids to download.

To be honest, haven't tried it yet, but it looks very different, and very good. I'll keep you posted once I playtested it!

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  1. It's also going to be translated to spanish at the end of this month by Edge Entertainment. Just so your spanish-speaking readers (like me) take notice. ;)