Pick #83: More Hobbit Ponderings

Never guessed that the set of the Hobbit would be blessed by Maori.

But you all knew, didn't you? I just was slower to watch ;-)

I wonder if my family who went to live in Wellington NZ noticed anything of the filming there.

Here's a silly note to the teaser with alternative lyrics. No, it's not official, whatever it says.

Just to make sure, by now I do think it's a good idea to split the Hobbit into two parts, and not just because of increased funding opportunities - as in "two movies pay out more than one". The story is quite extensive for just two hours. Better to give it the length it needs.

On yet another note, if you could not get enough of the short eerie version... here's all 27 verses by ShaDoWCa7.

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  1. I've seen the animation several times... I think I might have a go at it again...