Pick #96: Game Poems

Sometimes the world is just beautifully weird. Game Poems are almost Zen-like short games, often games akin to role play and story telling, which you can set up in no time and play in... like 15 minutes. Perhaps they are more for people who also like Fiasco than those who like D&D, but I guess they are worth checking out just for the mind-jarring effect the idea has. Be sure to try some links to get your head around them.

Marc Majger devoted a whole blog to them at Gizmet Game Poems, and made a book too. This blog is a fine place to start.

"[Game poems] generally address some specific mood or emotion, or focus on one particular notion, but not all of the games here strictly adhere to that definition. First and foremost, a game poem is just there to be taken in and experienced with a friend or group of friends for a few moments, and then those moments are over – and hopefully, something small and wonderful will happen in the process."

You can find more about game poems on the Norwegian Style BlogThe Story Games forum, or here at Board Game Geek. The idea of the roleplaying poem seems to be Norwegian in origin, I figure. Be sure to check out the crazy Children Monks: role playing poem by Bryan Hansel, too.

If you're in for a weird experience, or like things like theatre sports, this may certainly be for you.

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