Pick #95: PlaGMaDa archives

Have you ever wanted to get rid of your old gaming notes, scribbles, hand-drawn maps and doodles? Or are you instead intrigued by the scribblings and sheets of others? Do you want to see the real originals? The PlaGMaDa archives may be something for you then.

PlaGMaDa stands for the Play Generated Map & Document archive, and it takes any kind of paper and digital donations, as long as they pertain to paper & pen role playing games. So there's lots of old character sheets and hand-drawn modules that belong there.

You can surf through scans of the archive freely, and there are plans to have real life exhibitions in the future. PlaGMaDa even published a few shirts and books, including one by Ken St. Andre, game designer of Tunnels & Trolls. As I write this their shop is down, but it should be up in a week or maybe two if all is well. They also have a blog, and you can help fund them if you like the initiative.

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