News #8: Dark Dungeon Vaults launched

Still waiting for this very role playing blog to be approved by the RPG bloggers network, and becoming a teenie weenie bit frustrated, I decided to launch my own version.


With less red tape, and just for the heck of it all. So I managed in a single day, while avoiding the work I should have done, to find some 275+ role playing blogs that seem to be at least mildly active. True, a few are in spanish or italian, but they are about gaming. Or at least most of the time. Wow, is our community prolific! That's a post every ten minutes or so.

You can now admire a stream of the most recent 25 posts (or their RSS feeds) in rpg gaming - or click view all and see almost threehundred. Enjoy the Dark Dungeon Vaults.

And quickly come back to this blog screaming.

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  1. ...there's an RPG Bloggers Network? And it *approves* things? From self important organisations making inconsequential decisions deliver us, Oh Lord...