Pick #28: Thousand Monkeys...

1km1kt may sound silly. But it stands for 1k monkeys, 1k typewriters. It's based on the notion that if you let a thousand monkeys ram at a thousand typewriters, they might be able to write something like James Joyce's Ulysses. I'm not sure if that's really an argument for evolution, or for this site, but that's the idea.

The monkeys might also come up with a free RPG. And that's what this is. A gathering pool of all sorts of free role playing games. Unlike John Kim's list, or Rob Lang's effort, it's an actual depot of the games. The pdf's, text files, pictures, digital scraps of paper, whatever - are hosted on their server.

That's great. Because you can download over fivehundred games from the site. Or upload your own. Quite a few gems. Gems of inspiration, or truly magnificent little games. If you care to search for them. Less great is that the games on there aren't always the latest installments. But hey. Then you search for the newer version, don't you? Please do. With my games its worth looking here too for example.

But all qualms aside, 1km1kt is a great inspirer for writing and thinking about creative new games. They have a huge forum on game design, and host the 24 hour RPG challenge. A 24 hour roleplaying game is a game written in 24 hours. Everything from concept to artwork, from character creation to back cover. Usually these games are not complete, but it's incredible what one can make in such short time.

Browse the monkeys if you dare. And if you ever thought of writing your own, try the 24 hour challenge.

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