Pick #29: Diabolic Webbook

If there is any computer game which approximates the feeling I had when I first played D&D, it's this one. Descending into the depths of a spawned dungeon, which seems to be there for no other reason than the adventure of exploring it - and kill or be killed. The threatened village is there too, with all the supplies an adventurer could need, and vague non player characters who drop clues on what to do.

Diablo is one of the all time classics. The first issue that is, the rest is mostly rehashes. Actually, it's a very neat graphic version of the Unix classic "Hack!" (or Rogue). Top down 3d view, accompanied by the cries of the dead and spooky music. Completely nostalgic.

Okay, so I'm a sucker for old games.
Okay, so my webbook isn't the fastest computer around.
But who cares? I can run old games on my slow webbook!

If you do have the CD somewhere, you may run it on a CD-driver-less computer with MagicIso. If you don't have the original CD, you can always download a shareware version of Diablo here.

The game might even inspire you to master a cheap adventure. Real cheap maybe, but hey.
Now where did I leave my Longbow of Endless Arrows? Ah, here... Let's go then.

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