Pick #71: DOS Box your Old Adventures

Maybe you'll scoff at computer adventures. Maybe you just scoff at new ones. Maybe you think you should scoff at them because they're no "real" role playing games. Maybe you yearn for real old games which your *new* computer is somehow unable to handle. Or maybe you just think you yearn for them. And you don't have time to play anyway!

In any case, if you'd ever wish to play one of these oldies like Eye of the Beholder, Strahd's Revenge, or Ultima Underworld, and they're still somewhere on a shelf or in your basement, then you might like DOSbox. It turns your PC into a real OLD PC for the time you play your old game. For most games.

Turned to the Dar... eh Apple Side? No matter, their emulator for DOS, named Boxer, is even better. And more intuitive. It even plays Darklands, which I couldn't say for DOSbox on my webbook.

Lost your old copy? Sometimes you can re-find it on Steam. But otherwise have a search on an Abandonware site. The better ones now also observe copyright issues.

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